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Technical-scientific advice

Technical-scientific advice

The academic derivation, the continuous connection with the University in Italy and abroad, the attention to Research and Innovation, the specialization in energy modeling, as well as a long experience in innovation in successful energy projects, allow Studio Santi to act as the ideal partner for organizations that need technical-scientific advice in the energy sector. Over time, Studio Santi has accompanied (with multidisciplinary technology assessment activities) the development of two energy storage technologies, a cogenerative concentration photovoltaic technology and a medium-sized high-efficiency wind technology, as well as the rescue of offshore oil infrastructures attacked by bacterial corrosion, the verification of nZEB buildings of large airport terminals connected to a district heating network (with a methodology accepted by the Ministry of the Environment), and so on: in the most diverse fields of energy, the rigorous, multidisciplinary, quantitative, modeling, concrete, holistic approach by Studio Santi allowed to enable important innovations in the energy sector.


Welivit - Munich Re ERGO

Welivit – Munich Re ERGO

UniCredit Project Finance

UniCredit Project Finance

Porti di Roma / Port Utilities

Porti di Roma / Port Utilities

Officinae Verdi (OV) / Green Capital Alliance (GCA)

Officinae Verdi

Gruppo Magaldi


LUDOIL -Gruppo petrolifero


ESA – European Space Agency



ENAC – Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile


Convert Italy

Conad del Tirreno

Our Commitment to a Better Future

With over 600 MW of renewable energy plants, more than 3 million cubic meters of efficient buildings, over 43,000 investigations of requests for incentives in the Conto Termico, 15 years of appointments as Energy Manager for important state companies, Studio Santi is the ideal partner for organizations that intend to innovate their energy systems and direct them towards integral sustainability