ISO 50001 consulting

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ISO 50001 consulting

ISO 50001 consulting

The ISO 50001 standard defines the requirements for creating, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system (SGE). The objective of this standard is to allow an organization to pursue, with a systematic approach, the continuous improvement of its energy performance and of the SGE itself. As with ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certified management systems, the ISO 50001 (Energy) standard makes possible to implement, within any organization, a system capable of inducing continuous improvement in the management of energy, therefore to energy efficiency.

Studio Santi, as a certified Internal Auditor, regularly supports public and private sector entities in the drafting and implementation of certified energy management systems (by third parties) in compliance with the ISO 50001 standard.


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With over 600 MW of renewable energy plants, more than 3 million cubic meters of efficient buildings, over 43,000 investigations of requests for incentives in the Conto Termico, 15 years of appointments as Energy Manager for important state companies, Studio Santi is the ideal partner for organizations that intend to innovate their energy systems and direct them towards integral sustainability