Fitness-for-purpose assessment

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Fitness-for-purpose assessment

Over the years, Studio Santi has acquired expertise and experience in the fit-for-purpose assessment studies of oil and gas pipelines and, generally, of infrastructures for oil & gas logistics. At the port of Civitavecchia, Studio Santi conceived and coordinated the rehabilitation of an offshore pipeline affected by internal bacterial corrosion (MIC), using the difficult in-situ cleaning&coating technique. Following this intervention, for over a decade Studio Santi has coordinated a series of complex instrumental investigations, carried out by Rosen Inspection Technologies using smart-pigs equipped with all possible inspection technologies: MFL, UT, SIC/EC. The use of complex models of interpretation of the experimental data coming from the inspections, made possible to carry out the fit-for-purpose assessment studies and the pipeline was able to continue unloading millions of tons of petroleum products.


LUDOIL -Gruppo petrolifero


Our Commitment to a Better Future

With over 600 MW of renewable energy plants, more than 3 million cubic meters of efficient buildings, over 43,000 investigations of requests for incentives in the Conto Termico, 15 years of appointments as Energy Manager for important state companies, Studio Santi is the ideal partner for organizations that intend to innovate their energy systems and direct them towards integral sustainability