GBC Historic Building certification for Galleria Borghese

Studio Santi consultant of Galleria Borghese for the GBC Historic Building certification

The Green Building Council (GBC) is known for introducing to the world the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) protocol for the certification of the sustainability level of buildings. The Italian section of the GBC has in turn introduced a special certification protocol for historic buildings, called GBC Historic Building. Considering the peculiar typology of the Italian building heritage, this special protocol aims to “make the sustainability criteria of the LEED standard dialogue with the wealth of knowledge of the world of restoration in which Italy plays roles of excellence. GBC Historic building is a voluntary certification protocol of the level of sustainability of conservation, redevelopment, recovery and integration of historic buildings with different uses and applies to historic buildings that constitute material evidence of civilization”. To date, the Italian historic buildings certified by GBC Historic Building are 3, while another 7 projects registered and in the certification phase.

Source: Studio Santi