Federico Santi speaker at the AIEE seminar “The energy sector in 2020 and the prospects for 2021”

On the occasion of the seminar, AIEE awarded Stellantis – in the person of Roberto Di Stefano, Head of E-Mobility – the “Edgardo Curcio” Sustainable Energy Award.

On March 26, 2021, the study seminar entitled “The energy sector in 2020 and the prospects for 2021” was held, organized by the Italian Association of Energy Economists (AIEE), an Italian affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), during which Stellantis – in the person of Roberto Di Stefano, Head of E-Mobility – was awarded the “Edgardo Curcio” Sustainable Energy Award.

Federico Santi, as a member of the AIEE Scientific Committee and lecturer at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, was one of the speakers at the event – moderated by Carlo di Primio (President of the AIEE) – with the speech “AIEE Report on the prospects of the energy sector in 2021 “.

The round table entitled “Sustainable mobility: rethinking transport to overcome the climate challenge” was attended by Maurizio Delfanti (CEO of RSE), Roberto Di Stefano (Head of E-Mobility, Stellantis), Claudio Spinaci (UNEMPresident) and Federico Caleno (Head of E-Mobility, Enel X).

Federico Santi’s speech highlighted how the expected economic recovery in 2021, led by the exit from the pandemic thanks also to vaccination campaigns, will drive the recovery in world demand for oil with a consequent increase in prices. The same applies to the situation in Italy, which will see a significant rebound in the prices of all energy commodities and an increase in production from renewables, although the construction of new plants remains strongly held back by authorization obstacles.

The global commitment to decarbonization will continue in 2021, also in view of the COP-26 in Glasgow in November, and the development of the technologies leading the energy transition will grow exponentially.

However, every forecast is made very uncertain by the changes brought about by the pandemic, some of which are destined to adapt to the post-pandemic world and persist (e-commerce, logistics, remote work and education, digitalization of industry, etc …): “the the future is no longer what it once was”.

Source: Studio Santi