NIS- Gazprom Neft / REAG-AA

NIS- Gazprom Neft / REAG-AA

On behalf of REAG-AA (now Duff & Phelps), Studio Santi carried out a series of due-diligence for wind farms in Bulgaria and Romania, both in relation to the development of new initiatives and M&A by Gazprom Neft through the subsidiary NIS.

The technical due-diligence includes, among other things, wind-assessment and energy producibility studies, technical analysis of wind turbines and plant layouts, safety and grid connection, as well as checks on compliance with grid codes.

For the wind assessments Studio Santi uses WAsP, as well as its own customized models to consider also incomplete anemometric information by exploiting the correlation with weather stations close to the plants.

For connection checks and analysis of electrical networks in general, Studio Santi uses SKM Power Tool.

For the Jimbolia and Auseu Borod plants, Studio Santi conducted a comparative technical analysis of the Vestas V100-1.8MW and Sinovel SL 1500/89 turbines and verified their compliance with the Romanian grid code, also discovering an area of non-compliance which led Sinovel to modify the characteristics of the machine.

For the Kavarna plant, Studio Santi also conducted a health&safety due-diligence, also with reference to Bulgarian legislation and regulations, as well as international standards.

On behalf of Develnaft, Studio Santi finally conducted a market positioning and technology assessment study of the ATB 2700 wind turbine developed by ATB Riva Calzoni.

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Due-diligence/lending engineering
Energy modeling
Energy modeling
NIS Gazprom Neft


What we have done

Energy modeling
  • Auseu Borod (Romania) – 54 MW – Technical due-diligence, wind-assessment, grid connection analysis
  • Jimbolia (Romania) – 43,5 MW – Technical due-diligence, wind-assessment, grid connection analysis
  • Auseu Borod (Bulgaria) – 40 MW – Technical/HSE due-diligence
  • Poeni – Orovita (Romania) – 12,5 MW – Wind assessment
    Wind turbines technical review/comparison Vestas V100-1.8MW vs. Sinovel SL 1500/89. 
Romanian Grid Code compliance
    Market Positioning and Technology Assessment of the ATB 2700 Wind Turbine (ATB Riva Calzoni).

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