Conto Termico: full speed ahead!

The GSE assigned to Studio Santi a new framework agreement for the evaluation of the requests for Conto Termico incentives.

D.M. 16/02/2016 (so-called ” Conto Termico 2.0″) establishes interesting incentives for increasing energy efficiency and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources for small plants. The beneficiaries are mainly the Public Administrations (PA), businesses and private citizens, who can access funds for 900 million euros per year, of which 200 are reserved for public administrations.

Thanks to the Conto Termico, which provides incentives between 40% and 65% of the costs incurred, it is possible to improve the energy performance of buildings and systems by reducing energy costs and recovering the investment in a short time. The Conto Termico is also cumulative with other non-state incentives and also finances the costs for Energy Audit and for the Energy Performance Certificate (APE), to the extent of 100% for PA (and for ESCOs operating for their account) and 50% for private entities.

Since the beginning of 2017, Studio Santi has been working on the Portaltermico to support the GSE in evaluating the thousands of Conto Termico incentive requests that arrive every month, from all over Italy. A team of Studio Santi is exclusively dedicated to GSE to carry out this important and delicate service. In just under 4 years, from 2017 to 2020, the Studio Santi team evaluated over 43,000 requests for incentives in the Thermal Account on behalf of the GSE, generating over 63,000 response letters to the preliminary investigations with the outcome proposals. In the year 2020, against over 1,800 incentive requests assessed on average each month, the average time for issuing the outcome proposals by the Studio Santi team was less than 5 days from receipt of the incentive request. The quality of the service provided and the expertise gained in recent years have allowed the Studio Santi team to be awarded for another four years the supply to GSE of the support service for the evaluation of Conto Termico incentive requests.
Our country plays, as always, the role of the world vanguard in promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources. The GSE is at the heart of the transition to a decarbonized national energy system. Being able to make a small contribution is a great honor.

Source: Studio Santi