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The Minimum Environmental Criteria for buildings

The Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) are the environmental requirements defined for the various stages of the purchasing process, aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view along the life cycle, considering the market availability. They were created following the adoption of the “National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement (PAN GPP)”, the main tool for implementing sustainable development strategies at the national level. From this Plan derive the Minimum Environmental Criteria, issued periodically by the Ministry of the Environment with specific Ministerial Decrees for the various product categories of works, services and supplies.

The “CAM for construction” are, in jargon, the Minimum Environmental Criteria for the sector of services and works in the construction field, identified by the Ministry of the Environment with the D.M. 11 October 2017 entitled “Environmental Minimum Criteria for the award of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings “.

Our services

For contractors

Drafting of the Technical Offer
Verification of the company’s CAM requirements
Free database of CAM compliant materials

For contracting authorities

Design check and compliance with CAM
Consultancy for the drafting of tender notices
Free database of CAM compliant materials

For professionals

Support for the drafting of the Technical Offer
Consultancy for the application of CAM in the design and construction management phases
Free database of CAM compliant materials

For companies manufacturing building components

Entry of the product in the database of CAM-compliant materials
Consultancy for the fulfillment of the requirements of the CAM

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